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The Blue Hour – In the Studio trailer

Poppy Seed from The Blue Hour, out Oct. 14, 2022 on Nonesuch/New Amsterdam Records

Patsy from The Way Forth – featuring Martha Neal Cooke

Finding a Founding Mother – the story of Dolly in the early days of Kentucky

Sisterhood of Man (Instrumental) from The Way Forth – Instrumentals

End of Dominion from The Way Forth – featuring Stephen Webber

There Is No Other from The Way Forth – featuring Joan Shelley and Nathan Salsburg

For So Long from The Way Forth – featuring Stephen Webber and Scott Moore

The Hysterical Society from The Way Forth

Got Ahold of Me from The Way Forth – featuring Timbre Cierpke

The Way Forth – trailer


The Veil: a video by Julius Friedman and Richard Van Kleeck featuring Roger Creel and Erica De La O


Music Makes A City Now video “The Corner Room” follows an orchestra premiere


“The Air” video by Greg King


“Further Foundation” Live on WUOL Classical 90.5


“The Herald” Live on WUOL Classical 90.5


“Air of Place”  video by Greg King


“Transverse Plane Vertical” video by Kurtis Hough


“The Air in Time” video by Greg King


“The Herald” full-length video by Coen Bouman / Keyframes

The Clearing video trailer:












Rachel performing at P Festival 2014, Taiwan


Multiple film projections of the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari by Ryan Daly

Set to live improvised performance from January 2013
at the Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft


NBA ad with Lebron James and Kevin Garnett

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.56.41 PM


Liberation Living Room


Our Day by Wallace Kelley

Bed of Moss Video by Kurtis Hough


Mossgrove video by Kurtis Hough